Affiliate Program

Welcome to LYX VAPORS Affiliate Program. No Matter what you are professional or new, LYX VAPORS affiliate program satisfies your affiliate needs to get earned by promoting our brands through your network. LYX VAPORS is willing to work with you all to have win-win situation. We try our best to partner with you all to deliver the best product and service together to succeed. In order to maximize your profits, we provide a range of reliable and easy marketing tools and materials to boost your affiliate sales because we believe that you deserve what you spend. Get your stable income here Now!

How does it work?

LYX VAPORS Affiliate Program enables you to get a commission whenever you refer a sale to us. Every time someone makes a purchase through one of your referral links, you earn a percentage of the sale up to 30% within 60 days.The  Affiliate Program is built for people who specialize online promotions monetize their website through relevant ads.

  1. Sign up through our affiliate program link to gain access to the unique link you will use to refer others to our site. Once we approve your application, we will provide you with promotional materials, such as banner ads text, or links to help you refer to others about LYX products.

  2. Simply put our ads’ link or banners on your website and/or social media platforms. You can do this by placing banners on your website, sharing links to other people on your  Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, google+, or other social medias you have, even writing a blog post reviewing our products.
  3. As your friends, colleagues, fans, and website visitors make purchases through your link, you’ll earn up to 30% commission that is delivered to you through us. You can promote our products, events, hot sales as much as you want, and we consistently provide you with new promotional materials to have win-win situation.



Ready to get started? We look forward to working with you!