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Ghost Delta 11 Disposable Vape 2 Grams Review

Ghost delta 11 disposable vape is a newly created device by Ghost Extracts. The device has captured the interest of all consumers. Ghost Extracts is the company and brand that produces this device and has put together the most incredible features in the industry. Ghost Extracts is a company that deals in hemp products and was established in 2014. It has been in operation for nearly a decade, and within that time it has identified a niche in the hemp industry.

This brand beats all its competitors by producing high-quality devices that create an extraordinary impact on consumers. Ghost Extracts uses the highest form of technology to deliver and process its hemp extracts. Ghost Extracts products are made in California and are actively distributed to other countries worldwide. The company’s significant contribution to the hemp industry is providing its customers with the most refined hemp concentrates and other high-quality products. Delta 11 disposable vape by ghost extra is the device you ought to add to your collection.


Ghost Extracts have produced an incredible disposable vape by incorporating features exclusive to the brand. With convenience in mind, the device is perfectly disposable so that you can easily toss it into your nearest trash can once the distillate is over. It is filled with delta-11 distillate and strain-specific terpenes that influence the taste and flavor. This Ghost disposable has a sleek design and is highly portable for easy vaping while on the go.

When deciding on your most appropriate disposable, the battery capacity will always cross your mind first. In this delta 11 disposable vape, the battery capacity is solid 280mAh guaranteeing a wholesome experience until the last drop. The battery capacity may appear to be on the lower side but this device is rechargeable, thus ensuring you never have to dispose of your vape without depleting the distillate. This is definitely a device that should be among the prized vapes in your collection. Below are the available strains.


Ghost Extracts strives to add a blend of strain-specific terpenes that give each vape its distinct flavor and aroma. This ghost delta 11 disposable vape has a variety of flavored strains, ranging between Sativa, Indica, or hybrid. They include;

Animal Mintz

If you are looking for a strain that gives a sweet aroma and a relaxing cool minty feel, this is the one. It has a very evident feel on both body and the head with a soothing effect.

Blackberry Kush

A perfect strain made by combining Afghanis and blackberry strains, giving a taste and feel you cannot afford to miss out on.

Hippie crusher

A well-known strain that is made by bringing together wedding crasher strain and Kush mints creating a very calm and relaxing feel. This is an indica-dominated strain you will never come across from any other brand.

Sojay haze

You combine BC Big bud, and Grape FX strains to create a buzzing feel and an incredibly tasting strain. It elevates your mood and boosts your energy.


This Sativa strain is fruity and has a residual taste of strawberry and banana fruits. It creates an incredible fruity taste and leaves you feeling happy.


There is no better choice for a Delta 11 disposable than the Delta 11 Ghost disposable vape. The product comes with impeccable features that provide unmatched performance. The wide range of flavors and effects add to its appeal. The product comes highly recommended.

Where to purchase the Delta 11 Ghost disposable vape

You can purchase the Delta 11 Ghost disposable vape from the Superstrain website for $23.99. Visit the site for numerous deals and discounts, including free domestic shipping for orders above $100.


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