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Amnesia Mango Nic Salt E-liquid by Pod Salt Review

Amnesia Mango is part of Pod Salts Fusion collection. This e-juice is the result of a collaboration between the renowned Pod Salt and the vape powerhouse – Cali Greens. This e-liquid is one of the most popular flavors from the brand, and with good reason. It taste is exactly like the coveted Kesar mangoes. The name ‘amnesia’ is very popular among cannabis enthusiasts as it refers to one of the most potent sativa strains. This e-liquid stays true to the name as it offers the best flavor, vapor, and overall experience.

About Pod Salt

Pod Salt is a brand produced by MyVapery. There are three unique series under the Pod Salt brand

  • The Pod Salt line offers a collection of fruity, dessert, menthol, and tobacco e-liquid.
  • The Nexus Pod Salt line is dedicated to tropical fruity blend.
  • The Pod Salt Fusion is a collection of nic salt e-liquids made by collaborating with top brands like Cali greens, PachaMama, and Red Apples.

The Pod Salt line has successfully penetrated the market, offering vapers across the globe with hundreds of products.

Product Feature: Amnesia Mango Nic Salt E-Liquid

Authentic mango flavor

No product comes as close as Amnesia Mango Nic Salt to replicating the taste of fresh Kesar mangoes. This e-juice is a blend of earthy and sweet notes with a dominating taste reminiscent of freshly harvested mangoes. You can expect a citrus and Kush notes on the exhale.  This wholesome flavor profile will keep you coming back for more.

VG/PG ratio and nicotine level

Like all Pod Salt e-liquids, Amnesia Mango Nic Salt contains 50% VG and 50% PG. The e-liquid is best suited for low-wattage mouth-to-lung devices. The vapor production is minimal, and the flavor is top-notch.

Besides the PG and VG, Amnesia Mango also contains nicotine, benzoate, and natural flavorings. The e-juice comes in a 10ml TPD compliant bottle. It is available with two nicotine strength levels: 36mg and 20mg. The former combines 20mg nicotine and 16mg benzoate (2% nicotine), while the latter is a mix of 11mg nicotine and 9mg benzoate (1.1% nicotine).

Is Amnesia Mango worth buying?

Definitely. This nic salt e-juice is a treasure to have. Not only will you get treated to an authentic flavor, but the throat hit is much smoother, the absorption rate is instant, and you also get to make a seamless transition from conventional cigarettes.

Where to buy Amnesia Mango Nic Salt E-liquid

Vape Green is selling a 10ml bottle of Pod Salt’s Amnesia Mango Nic Salt for only £3.99. If you want a better deal, you can get any three 10ml nic salt e-liquids for £10.

Vape Green has a comprehensive collection of e-liquids from Pod Salt and other top brands. You can also buy vaping hardware and accessories from this store. What’s more, you get to enjoy free shipping in the UK for any order above £20.


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