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Estival E-juice by Cloud Alchemist Watermelon-Strawberry Flavor Review

In an industry so inundated with flavors, from simple menthol juices to complex dessert juices with perfect flavor notes, hi-tech packaging features, and natural hi-grade ingredients, one name stands out above the rest. They’ve recognized the world over for not only their premium e-juice but they’re second to none customer service as well. For the best Washington e-liquids brands on the market, check out Cloud Alchemist.

When I was first approached by Cloud Alchemist about reviewing their juice, I was a bit unsure of what to expect. It’s just about impossible to read through a single page, in almost any thread, on any vaping forum, and not come across a mention of Cloud Alchemist. It was with high hopes that the juice would live up to Cloud Alchemist’s sky high standards that I jumped right into the samples they had submitted, starting with their version of Estival.

Review Estival Watermelon Mix E-juice

Watermelon has proven to be an extremely popular e-liquid flavor and has, until recently, been notoriously mild. The juice boasts a realistic watermelon flavor, sweet and juicy and produces quality vapor. Cloud Alchemist has now developed a watermelon recipe that has truly translated this flavor over too vaping enabling the flavor to come to life!


Flavor note from Cloud Alchemist

Ambrosial summer watermelon with notes of strawberry, apricot, and coconut



Specifications & Options Available

  • Size  10ml  30ml  120ml
  • Nicotine Level  00mg  1.5mg  03mg  06mg  12mg
  • PG/VG Ratio  20pg/80vg   50pg/50vg

Taste and Flavor 

There are more than a handful of melon flavors on the market. In this sea of mediocrity, few vendors have managed to put all the pieces together in just the right order to replicate the real thing flawlessly. You can count Cloud Alchemist as one of them. A combination of watermelon and strawberry along with the subtle hint of nutty apricot adorn this high-quality juice. Equally important to the flavor profile of any truly outstanding e-liquid is the finish. It is smooth without any harness.


A great aroma should leave a little tingling on your tongue, mimicking the sensation of fizz. In this regard,  Cloud Alchemist delivers as well. The mouth-watering aroma goes right along with the full- flavored taste of each of these fruits. It leaves an aroma in the air, that of a delicious bowl of fruit that has been freshly cut up. The overall vape is tasty and refreshing with a solid depth of flavor and a sweet, clean smelling long fizzy finish.

Throat Hit and Vapor

I preferred vaping this one around 8.5w or 4.6v on a 2.5Ω atomizer, which keeps all of the fruit flavors of the melon intact, while still producing an unexpectedly robust and straight shooting throat hit.

Aged Review  

This one changed flavor profile just a little. I preferred this one at the lower end of the spectrum, bouncing back and forth between 4.4 and 4.5 volts on my 2.5Ω atty for a total wattage that was alternately just under and just over 8 watts. Interestingly, it’s just a little bit difficult to pick out the individual flavors as before, not the same bold strawberry as earlier on the inhale but still vibrant. The strawberry flavor that keeps the juice crisp and refreshing, is a bit like that snow-cone from way back when. The exhale now is more smooth and clean. What makes the exhale flavor dissection so attractive, is that the flavors also seem to come together seamlessly, flawlessly creating a different, single flavor all on its own. While this made for a lighter throat hit, vapor production was still good, and the flavors were at their most vivid.

Final Verdict

You will feel it from the first hit to the last. There’s a robust cloud of vapor to boot. Vapor production is definitely among the best e-liquids in the business. Don’t expect a gush of sweetness in your mouth. This is a very mild flavor, that is actually more nasal than the tongue. The watermelon is refreshingly light and smooth. There is very little throat hit, though it does satisfy both the nicotine and vaping cravings. It’s a very nice, relaxing vape.
While this is only the first in a series of the Cloud Alchemist Premium ejuice reviews, it’s an exquisite first impression and leaves me anxious to move on to the next in line.