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E-Cigarette Troubleshooting

How to Deal eGo-T Clearomiser Electronic Cigarette

The eGo-T electronic cigarette battery was first developed by Joyetech.This new larger battery gave birth to a whole new world of electronic cigarettes. These batteries lasted longer and powered a new range of delivery systems like the clearomiser and vivi nova.

The first eGo-T electronic cigarette kit was developed with a plastic tank you fill, then insert this into a metal tube that contained an atomiser and piercing point above it (commonly known as a bridged atomiser) that would pierce the plastic tank and allow the e-liquid to flow onto the atomiser.

Over time the plastic would break down and you would get that plastic taste.

Then came the birth of the Clearomiser. With the development of the clearomiser, the awful taste of plastic from the plastic tank was gone. Not only is the taste better, they are also leak proof.


The CE4 Clearomiser’s are a wick based system, with the long wick system being the more popular. The idea behind the long wick clearomiser is more juice will flow up the wick, therefor the atomiser would have a constant flow of juice that would eliminate what has come to be known as a dry hit, these dry hits are an awful burnt type taste and can be a really dry feel on your throat, hence the term dry hit.

The reason a dry hit occurs is because the user is drawing on the electronic cigarette too often in a short period of time, not allowing the wick within the clearomiser to remain saturated. If this occurs then the user should slow down allowing the wick to re-saturate.

The eGo-T Electronic Cigarette is a fuss free, clean and better tasting ecig on the market outside the more advanced mod also known as the personal vaporiser.