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E-Cigarette Troubleshooting

How does an e cig atomizer work?

Before the advent of the electronic cigarette, the word “atomizer” simply referred to a spray of some sort; a device that produces a mist of liquid. Examples of common atomizers include perfume bottles, cooking sprays and medication inhalers. With the introduction of the electronic cigarette, however, atomizers can now mean a completely different thing.

Electronic cigarettes are battery-operated devices that produce vapor from a nicotine-filled solution. Because it emits vapor instead of smoke, its use is allowed in most (but not all) public places where tobacco smoking bans are in effect.

There are three main components in electronic cigarettes: the cartridge, the atomizer, and the battery. Some models of electronic cigarettes combine the first two components into a functional unit, sometimes referred to as the “cartomizer.” The V2 cartridges above are an example of this two piece system.  Here in this post, we will describe the atomizer in more detail.

The atomizer, or the heating component, is the core and the powerhouse of the electronic cigarette. Without an atomizer, the e-cig cannot function. Out of the three components, the atomizer is typically the smallest one, and when completely assembled, becomes concealed within the casing of the electronic cigarette. It contains an air flow sensor and a microprocessor. It also includes a wick that absorbs the solution from the cartridge. The sensor detects when the user takes a drag on the e-cig, then it sends a signal to the microprocessor that triggers the atomizer to start heating up the nicotine solution so that it produces vapor. The vapor produced is what the user inhales. Most electronic cigarette companies let you choose between manual and automatic batteries.  It’s best to try both and see what you like most.

Getting the Most out of Your Atomizer

Atomizers can last months when used correctly. But your atomizer should be replaced with a new one once you notice that the taste of the vapor is becoming less potent than usual. Some practices may cause an atomizer’s life span to be cut short. Users are warned not to place their electronic cigarettes in close proximity to metallic or other electronic devices, such as mobile phones, because doing so may interfere with the microprocessors stored within the atomizer. Also, it is recommended that you either replace or refill the cartridge if it becomes depleted, or when not much smoke is produced by your e-cig. Otherwise, you run the risk of your atomizer becoming overheated.

You can also avoid overheating by not using one atomizer for too long at a time. You may switch between atomizers in the middle of a puffing session. Many manufacturers advise their users to keep a healthy stock of atomizers on hand. Also, you can feel with your fingertips if your electronic cigarette is getting too hot. If so, take a short break from vaping and use the time to grab a drink or to chat up with some friends. Doing these practices may prolong the life of your atomizer and might even let you save bucks you might have otherwise spent on buying new atomizers. Also, these routines may extend your enjoyable vaping session.