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How To Set Up And Use The Electronic Cigarette

One of the best ways to get tobacco cigarettes out of your life is to get yourself an electronic cigarette. Not only will you start living a healthier life without the negative health effects of smoking tobacco cigarettes, you will notice that your energy and overall well being will be much better. Now, the next thing you will need to do is learn how to set up and use the electronic cigarette.

Depending on which brand of electronic cigarette you purchase, the kits will usually come in a nice box that has all of the following inside of it. A battery, instruction manual, a couple disposable cartomizers or liquid nicotine cartridges with an atomizer built right into them, and a standard charger. Always read the instruction manuals first because some of the batteries require that they sit on the charger for 8 hours before use.

First take out the battery and the charger. The charger plugs into the wall and the battery will either push into the charger or it will need to be screwed into the charger. Warning! Do not screw the battery in too tight or else it will strip and the internals will get stuck inside of the charger. An LED light will turn red while charging and once the battery it done it will change to a different color, some will be blue and some will be green depending on the make.

Next take the battery and one of the cartridges and screw the cartridge into the top of the battery. When the cartridge is secure, you may see the tip of the cigarette blink a couple of times to let you know it is ready. The light also blinks because the electronic cigarette is prepping the atomizer and making it clean for you to inhale the water vapor. Next, you place the electric cigarette into your mouth and puff on the tip but not swallowing the water vapor at the same time.

You will need to puff on the tip and suck in the water vapor into your mouth, then swallow to get the feel, then exhale. The cloud of nicotine water vapor will leave your mouth and disappear within 5 seconds.
Now that you know how to set up and use the electronic cigarette you are on your way to a life without tobacco cigarettes. You will see in a couple of months that you wish that you had the electronic cigarette a long time ago. Now enjoy the freedom to smoke anywhere and enjoy your first step as an E smoker!